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Citizens of Sanctum relieved: +100 pilots remove killer corp‘s citadel

The involved pilots were able to collect items worth a total of around 5.5 billion ISK as a reward.

Heavy blow to ambitions of being an elite fighting force that spreads fear and dread throughout all parts of New Eden. An apparently long-standing feud with the alliance Pandemic Horde reached its new climax yesterday in Pakhshi, constellation Sanctum. In a brilliantly executed intervention, more than 100 pilots inflicted a severe defeat on a shady group named Original Killers, culminating in the destruction of a Fortizar citadel.

The killer corp‘s CEO had his clone killed finally.

The structure was exactly 100 days old at the time, according to the Adam4Eve monitoring platform. Significant contributors to the victory over the Original Killers included veterans of Pandemic Hordes‘ corporations A Blessed Bean, Blackwater USA Inc. and Pandemic Horde Inc. as they had participated in the battle in large numbers. The intervening forces suffered the loss of only five ships worth about 150 million ISK. The forceful decommissioning lasted about 30 minutes.

Experts put the total damage caused by the death of the citadel at more than 20 billion ISK, as the structure was largely equipped with T2 and some faction modules. Observers also noted with astonishment that even the remains of an Upwell Market Hub Service Module were found among the wreckage. Apparently, Original Killers planned to use their space station to profit from the local population, although the regional market situation is one of the best observed in high security space and the supply situation is already very good due to the supply of market hubs in neighboring systems within Genesis. And even if the supply is low, there is already a market hub in Pakhshi, according to officials. When asked, the Amarr Trade Registry as the responsible regulatory authority did not confirm that Original Killers had received an operating license for its market.

That the strike against the group apparently caught it with not much preparation is evident from the fact that many thousands of fuel blocks were still in Fortizar‘s fuel depot at the time of the confrontation. The involved pilots were able to collect items worth a total of around 5.5 billion ISK after restoring the security situation that existed before the structure of Original Killers was anchored.

In addition to the citadel, Original Killers lost several ships worth more than a billion ISK, and the clone of the group‘s CEO, the Gallente Neffi Cake, was destroyed at the end of the conflict by capsuleer Morpheus Bebblebrox, who applied the top damage to Cake‘s capsule.

Voices from the local population expressed satisfaction and relief with the outcome of events. „We had strong concerns since the anchoring of the structure at the beginning of the year, whether this organization shares the values of the local population and whether they would contribute to the economic and cultural prosperity in our region. We welcome the fact that clarity has now been achieved on these issues and thank all the capsuleers involved, who are always welcome in Genesis. We consider everyone a friend who contributes to the peace and welfare of our locals“, commented the spokesman of an industry and trade association for constellation Sanctum.

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