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Carelessness! Blood Raider cruiser attacks battleship, 12 billion damage

For reasons as yet unknown, the Blood Raider’s cruiser managed to melt down the shields of the superior faction ship.

DED combat ships are not easily available to citizens in New Eden. But not all owners seem to care much.

A small cruiser of the terrible Blood Raider cult has hit today an extremely valuable faction ship during a raid in Zoohen, Mih constellation. For reasons as yet unknown, the cruiser managed to melt down the shields of the superior ship under the command of Capsuleer Bugor 1Nagibator1 in an attack that lasted about an hour, so that it was finally destroyed.

The mighty battleship, currently sold for about no less than 7.3 billion ISK in Jita, had apparently shown no defense whatsoever. Although it could have destroyed the small cruiser with only a few thousand EHP with ease, or simply fled.

After the shield and a large part of the ship‘s armor had already been destroyed, according to simulations based on the records, a small fleet of notorious high-security space pirates finally dealt the final blows to the ship, destroying the last remnants of the ship‘s structure. The explosion that followed the destruction of the battleship‘s warp core was still clearly visible from more than 200 kilometers away.

As examinations of the debris showed, the ship was equipped with, among other things, faction modules worth more than 2.5 billion ISK. In addition, there was an Astero-type faction exploration ship in the hold, which added another 100 million to the loss.

Experts are puzzling over how this could have happened. After all, a small Corpum Arch Priest Cruiser as seen in high security space can only deal a maximum of 40 EHP damage per second. But it is also a fact that the faction ship had a very low shield charge rate for a battleship, only 6 EHP per second, and according to the scans of the remains, the ship had no modules that could have increased the charge rate to over 40 EHP per second. Accordingly, two explanations are conceivable.

Either the Capsuleer left his command post carelessly and negligently, naively believing in the resilience of his ship, so that he could not take the necessary countermeasures. Or he succumbed to a sudden medical emergency, so that he was no longer able to give the order for the many billion dollar ship to dock. The latter hypothesis seems the less likely explanation, because there is little to support it. After all, according to statistics, medical emergencies do not play a role in the loss of ships of this class. In all probability, therefore, carelessness and overestimation of one‘s own capabilities were the reasons for this incident, experts say.

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