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SOE CEO: „Filthy rich, haphazard man donates Rorquals as clay pigeons“

Although not explicitly mentioned, the statement was preceded a few days earlier by an event in Alal (Mih constellation).

Stupid guy (right) managed to loose two Rorquals in just two days.

The Ministry of War (MoW) in Madomi and the Amarr Civil Service (ACS) today issued a joint press release criticising the low skill level of graduates of academies outside the Amarr empire and calling for a review of the requirements for pilot licences.

„We are appalled by regular incidents in our region where apparently totally incompetent citizens virtually provoke violent events to their detriment“, it said. In addition to billions of ISK in damages to be borne by the perpetrators, the personnel capacities of both authorities are considerably burdened by this in order to document and bureaucratically process the frequent incidents. One really had enough to do with the activities within the framework of regular space traffic and the plague of the Blood Raider cult to be able to additionally take care of unnecessary incidents that were just too provoked, it was said.

Although not explicitly mentioned, the statement was preceded a few days earlier by an event in Alal (Mih constellation) that observers believe may have finally triggered the statement. In it, a citizen under the pseudonym Alpha Ship had lost a Capital Industrial Ship of the type Rorqual in Alal, 50 kilometres away from the stargate to Assez, after an attack. The ship was apparently unaccompanied and almost without any defences. The damage amounted to around 3.75 billion ISK.

But that was not all. For as relevant monitoring platforms show, the Capsuleer, a graduate of the Caldari School of Applied Knowledge based in Todaki (Lonetrek), had already lost a ship of the same class two days earlier. This time, it was jumped into low security space without any equipment at all and then melted down by professionals.

As further research into the case shows, the citizen had gained just 37 days of experience as a pilot at the time of the report, although the regular training time for a ship of this class is at least two and a half months – not to mention the learning time for using the modules, drones or even specialisation beyond the basic level usually used with it. According to calculations by experts, the man must apparently have acquired skill injectors for tens of billions more in order to hide the fact that he had not actually acquired the necessary qualifications.

Criticism was also voiced by the Sisters of EVE (SEO) when asked for a statement, but mainly with reference to the apparently unequal distribution of wealth in New Eden. „Some populations even in Genesis suffer from shortages of basic goods and donations for our own humanitarian, but also educational work for young pilots are not exactly at an all-time high. But at the same time we have to see that apparently some entrepreneurs are throwing around billions of ISK. Even if we are not affected by the incident, we see that a filthy rich, haphazard man is apparently donating Rorquals as clay pigeons for pilotes in low security space. We have no sympathy for that, with all love,“ said Santimona Sarpati, SEO CEO. She described the demands of the MoW and the ACS as understandable, though difficult to implement.

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