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Citizens celebrate Capsuleers Day – Welcome Centre inaugurated

As the celebrations draw to a close, authorities and organisers have already drawn a positive conclusion.

As the celebrations slowly draw to a close, the relevant authorities and organisers in Genesis have already drawn a positive conclusion to this year‘s Capsuleers Day.

Throughout the region, but of course especially at the major trading centres and the busy offices of the Sisters of EVE, thousands of citizens have celebrated and showered each other with cascades of fireworks over the last few days – after all, these were especially days to honour their own achievements and successes. Sometimes even whole fleets of ships were observed, some of whose up to seven or eight hardpoints were equipped with firework launchers.

As the Sisters of EVE informed on request, skill points in a total amount of several million were collected by the participating Capsuleers during the festivities. The sum is one of the highest that has been consumed by the citizens within a few days during the last years.

According to the data, almost all stocks of fireworks were used up. Local entrepreneurs were therefore also satisfied. The need for celebration among the population had been so great that the Festival Launchers distributed free of charge could by far not cover the demand and numerous additional ones could be sold. The buyback market, on the other hand, recorded hardly any transactions with citizens wanting to hand in unused fireworks.

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The Ministry of War and CONCORD also report that the already comparatively low number of incidents of non-consensual combat in high security space dropped to almost zero over the holidays. So the holidays in Genesis were also a very special time of peace.

Finally, another highlight was the opening of the second welcome centre in the region and the first dedicated to the region itself. The brand new citadel is located in the stellar cartographic centre of Genesis, Madomi, in orbit around the first planet of the system. The Ambassdrice of Genesis, Catherine Aven-Reya, is the patron of the new facility. Aven-Reya stressed during the opening ceremony the day before yesterday that she hopes it will usher in a new era of prosperity for the region. The citadel is intended to serve as the first port of call and gathering place for Capsuleers who intend to make their homes as new citizens in Genesis. The facility, ahe said, would also serve as a welcoming mirror image of the long-standing welcome centre in Arnon (Essence) and pave the way for young Capsuleers who wish to experience the epic Sister of EVE arc in neighbouring systems such as Sheroo and Apanake to stay in the region longer than before. Nevertheless, it is only one element of a much larger framework to shape a promising future for Genesis, Catherine Aven-Reya emphasised in her opening greeting.

Complementing the opening, the New Eden Travel Grant was finally introduced by Supervising Agent Sama Bur Pares. The programme, supported by the Sisters of EVE, provides young Capsuleers with free shuttles from the Society of Conscious Thought to visit the remains of Eve Gate in the New Eden system and get an up-close look at the historic site. In addition, pilots who make the journey, which is considered sacred among Amarr, will be offered a travel allowance of 10,000,000 ISK. It was also announced that the programme will also offer instawarp capable frigates in the future, which will also be of use to younger pilots after completing the journey, for example to combat the obscene cult of the Blood Raider Convenant.

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