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Sibe loses several moon drills – Experts don‘t fear market effects

The fact that three space stations have been abandoned in a short period of time is a very unusual event.

The refinery abandoned since today near one of the three moons around Sibe X.

Setback for Sibe‘s economy. After an engineering complex of the Nomadic Capsuleer Servants Of Eve (NCSOE) changed to abandoned status a few days ago, another structure has now received that status, according to local officials. It is an Athanor-type refinery owned by Capsuleer Servants of Eve-Fire Cell, apparently an NCSOE subsidiary.

According to insiders, NCSOE holds another structure in Sibe, the Silent Sanctuary of Capsuleer Holdings Service. This remains in full-power mode, but observers say no mining activity has been detected for at least two weeks. They therefore assume that the structure will also first go into low-power mode in the near future and then be marked as abandoned.

The structure first abandoned and blown up on April 10 was worth about 3 billion isk, and the cleanup was handled by pilots from C A P S T E X T and NukeDD. These were able to capture material worth 850 million ISK in the process. Experts assume that they will now soon remove the refinery as well.

The foreseeable loss of three industrial facilities in Sibe within a short period of time points to a serious setback for the hitherto good economic situation in the Ashela constellation.

However, representatives of the government and local companies in Sibe as well as in the neighboring systems in the Reya constellation emphasized, that no significant supply gaps will result from this, especially not at the market hub in Gergish, which is very important for the region. The three mining facilities affected would not have been able to operate at full capacity for some time anyway, as there is currently a shortage of personnel for this purpose, despite the potentially high yields and good pay.

The fact that three space stations may have been abandoned in a short period of time is nevertheless a very unusual event, which according to the authorities and voices from the local population is a cause for concern. The reasons for this are still unclear, but apparently it is related to the sudden disappearance of the company‘s CEO, who has also not been seen for several weeks. The causes of his disappearance are unknown, and there has been no response to inquiries. It is suspected that major conflicts elsewhere could be a cause.

Despite the losses, Genesis continues to count numerous industrial facilities open to the public, currently more than four dozen.

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