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Some never learn it: At least 12 billion damage in Abhazon incident

Observers assume that the pilot jumped into the system in full awareness of the risk. But loot fairy said no.

A Blockade Runner and the pilot‘s clone were destroyed today in an apparently consensual encounter between two ships at the stargate to Shera in the low security system Abhazon (Genesis). This resulted in property damage and losses of over 12 billion ISK, according to a report by the monitoring platform This incident now tops the list of the six highest loss events in the region within the last week.

migou shouna, at that time a pilot of a corporation called Astral Mining Logistics and in service for a whole three years, was in a Crane when he was attacked by capsuleer Xiaohui Yan in command of a Gnosis battlecruiser. The cargo of the transport ship, which had T2 cargo expanders in its low slots, contained a variety of high-value items, including numerous – presumably optimised – blueprint originals and reaction formulas. At least the destroyed clone of the pilot did not contain any implants, as examinations of the remains have shown.

The further background of the incident is unclear. Abhazon is widely known throughout New Eden for frequent attacks by pirates. These sometimes wait by the dozens at the system‘s jump gates, which form a connection point between the core worlds of the Amarr Empire and Jita, but are also sometimes used as a shortcut by pilots in Genesis. It is possible that the pilot was forced by someone third to take the route via the system instead of sensibly flying a diversion with this cargo, but this seems an unlikely theory. According to the data, migou shouna was already shot down the day before in a Council Diplomatic Shuttle in Abhazon. Observers therefore assume that the pilot jumped into the system in full awareness of the risk, where he then also got into the expected confrontation – with an extremely unfortunate outcome for him and a tip of a 150 Million ISK loot drop for the attacker.

In the aftermath he was either expelled from his former corporation under the umbrella of an alliance named Deep Space Academy or he did quit it, at least to avoid almost doubling the value lost of Astral Mining Logistics according to recent statistics at

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