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Salvaged materials: prices are top, supply could be better, says ATR

This is the conclusion of a press release issued today by the Amarr Trade Registry (ATR) in Doza.

Coveted by the industry in Genesis: the components of Blood Raider Wrecks.

Genesis needs more young Capsuleers to clean up among the Blood Raider Convenant in the region and make the systems safer from pirats. This would also help to improve the supply situation for the industry with important materials. This is the conclusion of a press release issued today by the Amarr Trade Registry (ATR) in Doza.

This follows a region-wide survey of the market situation for salvaged materials and other components, which was carried out on the initiative of local companies, and a comparison with the market situation in neighbouring regions. According to the findings, prices for salvaged materials in Genesis are at an all-time high and continue to rise, as demand has been higher than supply for years. Related to this is the finding that the prices offered in the region-wide buy orders in the market are significantly higher than in the neighbouring regions of Verge Vendor, Essence, Everyshore and Kador. In some cases, the prices are even on par with those of the primary market hubs, Jita and Amarr.

As a spokeswoman for the authority pointed out in the ATR statement, it is not only the market prices that are above average. The general conditions are also better than elsewhere in that the region, as one of the largest, offers particularly many opportunities to hunt Blood Raiders and is far less overpopulated with pilots who specialise in this than the areas around the academies of the empires. „Not only is Genesis a major economic and industrial centre, but the overall quality of life for all citizens depends on salvaged materials coming together in sufficient quantity. Companies in the region rightly complain that younger pilots in particular demand a wide range of necessary equipment for their adventures at fair costs, but there are hardly any to be found among them who are willing or able to hunt down Blood Raiders to sell the salvaged materials and components at good prices on the market. Yet there are particularly good opportunities for this here, not to forget the bounties we‘re paying.“ She concluded by appealing to young pilots to seize the opportunity and deal as many blows as possible to the terrible cult.

In fact, a look at the market situation shows that there is a lot to be made here: the accumulated buy orders in the relevant assortments currently add up to many billions of ISK, for salvaged materials and ship modules that are usually found in Blood Raider wrecks.

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