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Manarq is loosing grip. And this is a good thing, say many customers.

The Sotiyo of Traders‘R‘us in Manarq is much less frequented than in earlier times.

It‘s gotten pretty quiet around the market hub in Manarq at the northern end of Genesis. That‘s because no matter what product line you look at: ships, modules, rigs, charges, drones, implants, minerals and whatnot. Manarq has lost much of its former importance for the citizens of the region since the available supply has continuously not only become smaller – but the price differences to other marketplaces in the region have become smaller or disappeared completely. At most, Manarq is still in the top league when it comes to cost-intensive pilot‘s service items like Plex or skill injectors or the region-wide purchase of ships, in both T1 and T2 variants. Which is probably a significant reason why the Sotiyo of Tradors‘R‘us Holding corporation is still listed on the last place of the Top 25 according to the monitoring platform Adam4EVE.

Visiting the system also underscores the transformation that the market hub has undergone in its importance to the region. Only a handful to a dozen Capsuleers are regularly present in the system at any one time, far fewer than would be expected if demand were high, as comparison with the Market Hub in Dodixie (Sinq Laison), just three hops away, shows. But also that with other larger market hubs in Genesis itself, such as Gergish in Reya constellation and Simela in Aven, or even Apanake in Ekrin.

And this shift is a good thing, according to many customers. Not just those who have lived and worked here for many years. Because the range of products available in the center of the region, as well as on the southern foothills, is now much larger than it was about two years ago, they save themselves numerous trips to Manarq and back every week. Long-time customers even think that the strong growth in the center and south of Genesis is putting pressure on Manarq itself, as many of the products still on offer have fallen in price since other offerings compete for favor at the same price or even cheaper – and especially nearby. With the repurchase of used articles like also salvaged materials this is to be observed likewise. Whereas in the past very low prices were often offered in Genesis, competition has thus significantly revitalized business – to the benefit of consumers, who are usually also entrepreneurs or employees at the same time.

The parties involved still have some work to do to challenge Manarq‘s former leading role at all levels. And especially in the case of high-cost goods and day trading, this will certainly not be easy. But even if they do not succeed: What has already changed in the market situation so far is to be welcomed without reservation.

Alim Fera

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