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Courier intercepted, data missing, authorities offering 30 million reward

According to the Ministry of War, the ship was most likely destroyed somewhere between Madomi and Anzalaisio.

Shipwreck in Genesis. This is an symbolic image, the location of the destroyed courier ship is currently unknown.

A group of Blood Raider pirates recently intercepted a courier of Hedion University that was on its way to the Sisters of Eve Academy in Simela with important research data. This was announced today by the Ministry of War (MoW) in Imya. According to the report, the last contact with the pilot of the courier ship was in Madomi, shortly after which its clone was activated, as its capsule was also destroyed in the attack. Research data concerning the current distribution of resources in the region, the result of months of work, was reportedly lost in the attack.

A spokesperson for the MoW stated that it is believed that the data may have been undamaged in the attack and that it was left in a container among the wreckage. Based on the time lapse between last contact and the activation of the clone, the ship was most likely destroyed somewhere between Madomi and Anzalaisio. Several ships were said to be already en route, using directional scanners to search the systems in question. The MoW also called on all pilots in the region to also pass on clues to the whereabouts of the container. A reward of ISK 30 million has been offered for clues leading to the recovery of the research data. Capsuleers should contact the ambassador of Genesis, Catherine Aven-Reya.

A security warning was also issued for Anzalaiso. A Blood Raider Forward Operating Base is located there at the time of the MoW report. Pilots should therefore exercise special caution, especially while around asteroid belts, as they must also expect surprise attacks.

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