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Citizens of Asanot hope for economic upswing

The new facilities in Asanot are the latest in addition to the stations anchored there by Ascendance Rising.

Asanot has a new Engineering complex in orbit of Asanot V.

The opening of two new industrial complexes in Asanot, within the Charak constellation, is fuelling hopes among the population for further economic growth. According to a press release issued by local authorities, an engineering complex and a refinery started operations yesterday. These are each one Raitaru and one Athanor, which are in orbit around Asanot V.

The refinery is apparently intended for mining of moon ores; the authorities did not give any further details about the tasks of the engineering complex named Dyptherium Industries. The two new facilities in Asanot are open to all citizens in the region. Not much is known so far about the background of the new industrial venture; but the company responsible for the two new structures lost two refineries in the Essence region at the end of March.

The new refinery at Asanot is pulling a moon chunk.

The new facilities in Asanot are the latest in addition to the seven stations so far anchored in this system by Ascendance Rising (10UP), which is a recruiting organisation and offshoot of the Goonswarm Alliance and the Imperium Coalition. 10UP maintains its headquarters in the neighbouring system Anyed, including further engineering and research complexes as well as a refinery.

Catherine Aven-Reya, Royal Ambassadrice for Genesis, welcomed the new industrial complexes in Asanot.

„Genesis is a most important region for New Eden, of course even in terms of its economic relevance. The considerable investment in Asanot is a very welcome addition and I wish the entrepreneurs involved every success.“

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