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Massive incident in Ahbazon – 200b in assets lost (Update)

The Ministry of War Information Center in Madomi and Concord renewed their joint security and travel warnings.

The Ministry of War (MoW) Information Center in Madomi and Concord today renewed their joint security and travel warnings for the low security Ahbazon system, constellation Nazdirer. According to a report by the authorities, this was preceded by a massive incident in which four jump freighters of the Amarrian type Ark were destroyed [1 | 2 | 3 | 4]. These were under command of pilots of the corporation Demon hunting for reasons not mentioned in the report in the solar system massively frequented by pirates and soldiers of fortune, where they were attacked by a fleet of several dozen ships and melted down within a few minutes. The ships are said to have been loaded almost to the brim with Helium Isopes as well as compressed ice of the Dark Glitter variety, but the cargo also included several T2 Battleships. The total damage amounts to nearly 100 billion ISK. The items captured in the incident were worth about 35 billion ISK, according to the report. Last but not least, the Arks‘ pilots could not escape in their capsules and their clones were also destroyed.

According to observers, it could also have been a dispute between locally based corporations. For in closer temporal proximity, pilots of the attacking fleet also reported a Praxis battleship of a pilot of  Terrelian Republic, part of the White Sky. Alliance, was destroyed. However, the connections could not be confirmed so far.

According to the warning from Concord and the MoW, traveling through Ahbazon is still strongly discouraged. Pilots and travelers in Genesis who need to go to Jita should use the detour via Uedama (The Citadel). They were advised to follow the safety advisories and travel warnings that are also currently in effect for Uedama. Travelers heading from Genesis to the core worlds of Amarr should avoid the low-security system Vecamia, which is on the route. With considerable caution, a route via Ziasad and Nardiarang is possible. There, casualties due to non-consensual fighting are much less frequent than in Ahbazon and Vecamia. Nevertheless, scouts and fast aligning ship configurations are strongly recommended.

The current incident is not the only one with high damages that have been in Ahbazon in recent weeks – even if the most recent ones exceed the previous ones in value many times over.


Further events the following day support the thesis of escalating conflicts in Ahbazon. In the course of it, numerous capital ships were destroyed, including over a dozen dreadnoughts, which were in command of pilots acting under the umbrella of the White Sky. Alliance, as well as other dreadnoughts from involved parties plus one Rorqual. The losses once again totalled around 100 billion ISK.

White Sky‘s presence in Ahbazon subsequently declined massively, and instead, Vecamia now seems to be a renewed focus of activity under the alliance‘s flag again, according to the monitoring platform

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