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Capsuleers – This is your ideal starting point to New Eden!

A brave, lone Venture passing the remains of the mysterious Eve Gate, which has attracted visitors from all over New Eden for millenia.

Halfway between the glittering, hustle and bustle of the metropolises of Jita and Perimeter and the realms of the Imperium Coalition in null security space, one of the most interesting regions in this galaxy is located: Genesis. Equal parts high security and low security space, and to this day under the sovereignty of the glorious royal houses of Amarr, a small white star shines at the end of its southern spur – almost outshone by the remains of a wormhole called Eve Gate. This is where the history of all civilisations that now exist in New Eden began.

To live here is to follow the footsteps of the first generations who moved through this galaxy and explored it over centuries.

„Blessed be all who work in our faith for the prosperity and higher development in this place, to honour our ancestors and please the living“,

former Empress Jamyl I. has never got tired of emphasising since her inauguration as Regent of the Amarr.

The bright, golden warm light of the galactic nebulae around the Amarrian Core Worlds, only about a dozen star gate jumps away, gives strength and confidence to all citizens in the region, has inspired countless generations, and is an eternal source of creativity and hope in equal measure.

Encompassing more than 100 systems of adventure and riches, Genesis is among the largest regions and is home to Capsuleers of all origins, professions and arts. In the regular economic report for New Eden, Genesis is regularly in the top 10 regions – and there are reasons for that. Do you have the courage and wisdom to discover and be a part of them?