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Waiting for you: Countless challenges, great wealth & exciting people

„There‘s no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization.“

Said by probably the most hated, most revered, most controversial and once perhaps most influential founder of a major highsec alliance, there is a great deal of wisdom in this. But how should this civilization be developed, what potentials should it help unfold, and what higher purpose should it serve?

Thousands of citizens throughout New Eden wrestle with these questions daily, including, of course, in Genesis. And many have already found their – at least preliminary – answers. That‘s why you‘ll find dozens of systems here with well-equipped engineering complexes, refineries and citadels. That‘s why you‘ll find the ships, modules, charges and other things you need far away from the primary trade hubs.

That‘s why you‘ll find capsuleers in a few places, trying to profit from the amazing combination of wealth and inexperience in some pilots – and quite often with success.

You‘ll probably need some burning patience

All of New Eden, and so does Genesis, offers countless different challenges even apart from the opportunities and missions that are spread everywhere, providing a profit as well as experience, and sometimes serving a higher purpose.

Those who find their preferred answers, and the challenges that come with them, often enjoy not only fabulous riches: meaning, dignity, prestige, and the awareness of being part of a multi-layered, complex society – one that always has new surprises and challenges in store. And along the way, you‘re very likely to encounter other Capsuleers one after another, to whom you‘ll easily command respect, or even camaraderie and friendship.

So set out on your path and set yourself some new goals. The more skillfully you do this, the greater the reward. And in one way or another you will inscribe yourself in the common history of New Eden.

„All honorable residents of the Amarr Empire have been making the sacred journey to the Eve Gate of New Eden in Genesis at least once in their lifetime. There where the first settlers, the forefathers and foremothers of their own ancestors arrived in prehistoric times, they demonstrate in this way their respect for the heroic achievements of the first generations and their successors. The more valuable and powerful the ships and the larger the fleet, the greater the glory and honor that, in the belief of the royal houses of Amarr, come from this pilgrimage.“
– Uriam Kador, Royal heir, philosopher and poet