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Industrialists, market traders, miners, PVP experts, explorers, mission runners and soldiers of fortune – As citizens of New Eden, they all have something in common: inscribed in the path of their fate is the challenge to contribute to the civilization of New Eden and its empires. Even the most inexperienced miner‘s laboriously harvested ore can eventually be used to produce the components of an imposing and powerful Keepstar Citadel. Even the most lonely, pitiful mission runner can use the sale of his loot to help produce items destined to serve far higher purposes. And even the lowliest pirate reminded complacent or inexperienced Capsuleers of the essential fact that space is a dangerous place and you never stop learning. The path is open to every Capsuleer to become a better, more evolved citizen. And an ideal place for that is Genesis. Here, where it all began tens of thousands of years ago.

Generations of hardworking, honorable citizens have worked tirelessly to create an environment for you that is better and safer than many other regions. Far less crowded than the core worlds of the empires and far more diverse than the quasi-hermeneutically sealed off sovereignties in dangerous null security space, Genesis offers you the opportunity to unfold all your potential. And to imprint meanwhile yourself, your ideas, ambitions and your experiences aswell as your stories into the great history of New Eden and especially that of Genesis.

So do not wait any longer, make your way to us. Whether at Eve Gate, at one of the great market hubs, or in one of the magnificent belts of ice or ore, exciting Capsuleers await you and your talents.

„On behalf of all Royal Houses of Amarr, I invite you to make our beautiful region, rich in raw materials as well as challenges and opportunities, your home. No matter what your profession or art may be, we greet you and welcome you here.“ – Catherine Aven-Reya, Genesis Ambassadrice