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Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Amarr Trade Registry. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Alim Fera or Sama Bur Pares.

An Azbel engineering complex, the big brother of the Raitaru Upwell structure.

There‘s no denying it: an overwhelming proportion of everything on the market was made by someone. From the most simple scripts and charges to the great battleships and citadels, products are often the result of a complex, elaborate, artful process that also often relies on the cooperation of two or more citizens. The vitality of life, the prosperity of all citizens and the direction of the cultural and civilisational process in Genesis also hang decisively on the thread of a broad-based, efficient production of goods of all kinds.

The good news is: In also this important respect, Genesis offers very good framework conditions even for capsuleers who cannot provide highly specialised facilities themselves. At the same time, the distance to the competition in the primary market hubs, which appear also often quite overheated economically, still allows learning manufacturers to try things out and and to calculate with minor mistakes.

In addition to the specialized public facilities, you will of course find dozens of general production sites in the space stations, just like everywhere else.

Public engineering facilities in Genesis

Fig.: Yellow marks exceptionally high facility tax.
System Structure name Activity Rigs Facility tax Security
Anyed Module Manufacturing Manufacturing 2.5% .6
Anyed T1 Ship Manufacturing Manufacturing 2.5% .6
Asanot Dyptherium Industries Manufacturing 3% .5
Atreen Atreen Project Factory Manufacturing / Research / Invention 2.5% .5
Bherdasopt Rens Nursing Home Diaper Plant Manufacturing / Research / Invention 2.5% .5
Gergish Allatum Biolab Manufacturing / Research / Invention 0,5% .6
Kemerk Forgery Manufacturing / Research / Invention 0,70% .8
Keseya Franklin Station Research / Invention 2% .6
Manarq IChooseYou Market and Industry Manufacturing/Research/Invention 10% .8
Manatirid M57a Manufacturing 0,50% .5
Pakhshi MINER NEEDs Manufacturing/Research 5% .8
Pashanai Cheap Coke & Dancers Manufacturing 0% .5
Serren Lab and Blueprint Freeport Research / Invention T1 2,50% .5
Serren Shipyard Freeport Manufacturing T1 2,50% .5
Serren Workshop Freeport Manufacturing T1 2,50% .5
Sheroo Outer Rim Manufacturing Manufacturing / Research / Invention 15% .6
Thali Callisto Rearch / Invention 1.5% .6

As always, there are a considerable number of other facilities, some of which are excellently equipped, but access to them requires relationships with the operating cooperatives.

Travel distances to major trade hubs

Major Trade hub Jumps (High sec route, starting at Madomi) Notes Jumps (Low sec route, starting at Madomi) Notes
Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emporers Family Academy 42 14 Route via .4 Ziasad/Nardiarang rarely camped (scout and fast aligning ship configurations recommended)
Dodoxie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant 10 N/A
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 19 Security and travel warnings in effect, scout recommended for high value cargo 12 Warning: .4 Ahbazon heavily camped .4 Vecamia occasionally camped
Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury 22 19 No detour to .4/.3 systems available

System cost indices

Fig.: Top 10 at system cost indices in descending order: Higher ranking means higher costs, lower ranking lower costs. Red background marks low security space.
Manufacturing ME research TE research BP copying Invention Reactions
1. Serren  Manarq Manarq Serren Serren Ahabzon
2. Manarq Serren Serren Manarq Heorah Alal
3. Gergish Sheroo Sheroo Heorah Sheroo Ziasad
4. Sheroo Simela Cleyd Simela Manarq
5. Sigga Ahbazon Heorah Sheroo Toon
6. Simela Kemerk Ahabzon Kemerk Kemerk
7. Bherdasopt Gergish Simela Ahbazon Anyed
8. Yulai Tahli Anyed Anyed Simela
9. Heorah Anyed Kemerk Tahli Gergish
10. Anyed Cleyd Gergish Atreen Bherdasopt