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Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Amarr Trade Registry. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Alim Fera or Sama Bur Pares.

Encompassing a total of 103 star system in 15 constellations, Genesis is an outstanding place for any industrial endeavour. Ranging in security status from 1.0 to .2, these systems offer riches in asteroid ore in an astonishing total of 1144 asteroid belts. In addition, more than 4000 moons with more than 2000 of them in high security space, are waiting to be expertly farmed to extract valuable materials for further processing and manufacturing of high-value goods, in addition to basic minerals. The potential is not only rounded off by 14 ice fields, which are distributed over ten star systems. With Edencom installations in a total of 12 systems, the region offers an exceptionally high number of locations where you can benefit from a 10% bonus in mining yield.

Resulting from a quite distance to the academies, a significantly below-average population density compared to the rest of the high security space of New Eden thus offers ideal conditions for citizens who want to dedicate themselves to the important task of mining the region‘s resources and putting them to productive use.

„Economic experts and historians alike agree that the abundance of resources in the region provided the first settlers with every incentive to further explore this part of the galaxy after their arrival at Eve Gate in New Eden.“ – Catherine Aven-Reya

Given the right skills, ships and equipment – and sometimes the right connections – alone high security space in Genesis can provide you with more Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon and various moon materials than you can imagine.

System list of Ice fields
(including Ice fields in region‘s adjacent systems in 1 jump distance)

Fig.: green rows mark high security space.
System Count of Ice fields Security
Access 1 .2
Agal 1 .5
Angur 1 .2
Assez 2 .4
Gonditsa 2 .3
Keri 3 .4
Manatirid 1 .5
Menai 1 .3
Partod 1 .4
Petidu 1 .3
Aydoteaux (Everyshore) 2 .7
Miah (Kador) 1 .6

System list of Edencom fortifications
(providing a 10% mining yield bonus)

Fig.: green rows mark high security space.
System Constellation Security
Angur Monalaz .2
Anzalaisio Charak .5
Asanot Charak .5
Bherdasopt Aven .5
Hesarid Ashela .4
Keri Makh .4
Mozzidit Monalaz .3
Promised Land EVE .3
Saphthar Makh .3
Serren Mih .5
Sibe Ashela .5
Sigga Ekrin .5