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Planetary Industry

Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Amarr Trade Registry. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Alim Fera or Sama Bur Pares.

A couple of planetary facilities on a planet in a .2 system, producing Mechanical Parts as a required material for fuel blocks and the tier 3 PI product Robotics aswell as a diversity of T2 ship modules.

Often underestimated by inexperienced citizens, yet indispensable for the prosperity and technological as well as cultural development of the entire galaxy: Planetary colonies, whose products form the starting point for manifold products, ranging from more simple things such as fuel blocks to the complex components required for manufacturing Upwell structures or even an imposing Keepstar, among others.

And whether manufacturing products on a large scale is planned or simply a considerable side income is sought without much effort: Building up planetary facilities is a task almost everyone should tackle sooner rather than later. The diversity of Genesis offers excellent conditions for this as well.

Thanks to the fact that slightly more than half of the systems in the region are low-security space, there are, for one thing, very good prospects for considerable returns on corresponding investments. And of the rare, total of only 1015 plasma planets in known space, it is true that the majority are in null security space, with just 395 in high- or low-security space among all the four empires. But thanks to its expanse, Genesis has its fair share: a full 18 are located here, some of them even in high-security systems. Compared to neighbouring regions like Verge Vendor (it has only 6), Everyshore (10) or Essence (12) that‘s quite a lot.

List of plasma planets

Genesis Plasma planets

System Count Security
Access 1 .2
Ahbazon 1 .4
Anzalaisio 1 .5
Avyuh 1 .6
Djimame 1 .3
Ebasez 1 .5
Girani-Fa 1 .6
Gonditsa 1 .3
Iderion 1 .5
Kemerk 1 .8
Keri 2 .4
Korridi 1 .3
Leran 1 .4
Petidu 1 .3
Sapththar 1 .3
Serren 1 .5
Zarer 1 .4