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Ore and ice reprocessing

Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Amarr Trade Registry. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Alim Fera or Sama Bur Pares.

A Tatara, an Upwell L-class refinery in Genesis. Isn‘t she a beauty?

To make the quasi-inexhaustible resources of the vastness of space fruitful, productive and profitable, specialized structures are indispensable.

Genesis offers a very good infrastructure in this regard as well, because in all parts of the region‘s 51 high-security systems refineries currently have their valuable services open to the public – in addition to the dozens often even more specialized structures in private hands, for whose use connections to the operating corporation are necessary.

List of public refineries

Fig.: Grey indicates non-specialized structure, yellow marks exceptionally high facility tax
System Structure name Structure type Facility tax Security
Agal 1.5% Refinery Tatara 1.5% .5
Agal W3 - Compression Freeport Athanor 2.5% .5
Anyed Compress and Reprocess Athanor 3% .6
Asanot Avin Stane's Best Biscuits Athanor 3% .5
Asanot Dyptherium Athanor 1% .5
Apanake Oka Nieba Athanor 1% .5
Atreen Central Mining Athanor 0,5% .5
Atreen Mr Pickles, Good Boy Athanor 2,5% .5
Bherdasopt Local Home (Palace Guard) Astrahus .5% .5
Hadji W1 - Compression Freeport Athanor 2.5% .5
Heorah TEPCO DRILL Athanor 0.1% .5
Iderion PUBLIC RIGGED Refinery Athanor 2% .5
Kemerk Chip & Quaso 1% Tax Athanor 1% .8
Manarq iChooseYOu Market and Industry Sotiyo 10% .8
Manatirid M57a Athanor .5% .5
Pakhshi MINER NEEDs Azbel 7% .8
Pashanai Cheap Coke & Dancers Athanor 0% .5
Serren A1 - Refinery Freeport Athanor 2.5% .5
Serren Callisto Refinery Athanor 3.5% .5
Sibe Black Sunshine Athanor 1% .5
Sibe Space Rocks R Us Athanor 0.5% .5
Sigga Extraction Division Athanor 1.5% .5
Tarta W4 - Compression Freeport Athanor 2.5% .5
Zoohen W2 - Compression Freeport Athanor 2.5% .5