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General security advices

Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Directive Enforcement Department and the Ministry of War. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Sama Bur Pares.

First of all, freighter pilots and mission runners have much less to worry about than in other regions about being attacked without consent by capsuleers acting illegally. According to the official statistics aswell as independent monitoring, the number of non-consensual combat incidences in high security space is vanishingly small.

Despite this, of course, it is recommended to all capsuleers in space to remain attentive at all times, do not use auto pilot and dock if the ship‘s command and situation cannot be given attention at the moment.

This is especially true for capsuleers in mining ships, as there have been incidents of non-consensual attacks recently, mostly in the north of the region. Serren and Apanake, as well as the surrounding systems, seem to be occasionally focal points of non-consensual attacks on expensive ships piloted by unattentive pilots.

Nevertheless, the statistics say that high security space in Genesis is much safer than space in many other regions.

Full overview proving the extremely small number of incidents in Genesis‘ high-security space:
For easier identification, it is advised to add the following alliances or corporations as contacts with negative standing. Since there are individual members who also participate in activities that are illegal according to CONCORD, very concerned capsuleers could also mark Karmafleet University to be on the 100 percent safe side.
Safety. Novus Ordo. Antimatter Anonymous

Use the ingame channel ‚Gank-Intel‘ to keep up to date with sightings or report any.

Gate camps

With exception of the systems listed below, low-security space in Genesis is generally quite passable – assuming the right ship configurations and skills, and adherence to general safety rules.

System Risk rating Note
Ahbazon 10/10 Low sec bridge Genesis <> The Forge
Vecamia 7/10 Low sec bridge Tarta <> Shera
Gonditsa 5/10 Low sec gate near Simela
Beke 3/10 Low sec bridge Pashanai <> Ebasez

Low security space forces

Strongest presence in these systems is held by capsuleers flying under the flag of the alliance White Sky. In the event of an attack, a rule in effect has most likely been disregarded and thus, it will be sanctioned – not much different as CONCORD and faction police do in high security space according to the rules in effect here. Therefore, in addition to attentiveness, a polite tone is advisable in case of encounters.

Public courier contracts

As it is the case almost everywhere in New Eden, accepting public freight contracts is discouraged. It can be assumed that these are decoys designed to lure inexperienced pilots into a trap. Professional transportation services such as RedFrog, PushX and others usually cover all needs in high security space.

„Space is a dangerous place – and was even more so for the generations that lived here before us. But we have the technology, we have the information, and anyone can acquire the skills necessary to live a good and safe life here – much safer than in the many regions outside of Genesis where such security information is not available, and pilots can only learn through hard and unpleasant experiences. Seize the advantages offered to you in this region today.“ – Sama Bur Pares, Supervising Agent