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Industry Corporations

The degree of development and prosperity not only in Genesis depends significantly on how many well-educated citizens work together constructively. Certainly, even uncoordinated, rather haphazard interaction can produce meaningful results that have value. But why fall short of what is achievable when a group of determined and ambitious professionals work together in a purposeful, planned, and well-coordinated manner? Why earn only one ISK when two, three, or four are achievable in the same amount of time through cooperation? Last but not least, it becomes very difficult to compete economically against industrial cooperatives that have the advantages of their respective symbioses.

While less experienced Capsuleers with an eye on Genesis may wonder where active Corporations may already be operating in order to join in their activities, Capsuleers with some longer career path behind them may be interested in starting cooperative ventures themselves.

Here, an overview of the System Cost Indices in Genesis offers some initial answers. The higher they are, the higher the utilization of the facilities in a system in the respective area of manufacturing, research or reactions.

System cost indices

Fig.: Top 10 at system cost indices in descending order at time of record: Higher ranking means higher costs, lower ranking lower costs. Red background marks low security space. Please check for the current status in the region if needed.
Manufacturing ME research TE research BP copying Invention Reactions
1. Serren  Manarq Manarq Serren Serren Ahabzon
2. Manarq Serren Serren Manarq Heorah Alal
3. Gergish Sheroo Sheroo Heorah Sheroo Ziasad
4. Sheroo Simela Cleyd Simela Manarq
5. Sigga Ahbazon Heorah Sheroo Toon
6. Simela Kemerk Ahabzon Kemerk Kemerk
7. Bherdasopt Gergish Simela Ahbazon Anyed
8. Yulai Tahli Anyed Anyed Simela
9. Heorah Anyed Kemerk Tahli Gergish
10. Anyed Cleyd Gergish Atreen Bherdasopt

Genesis – Full overview of stellar cartography in high security space

Fig.: Toggle character of a column to sort rows. Low security route to Amarr VIII (Oris) planned via .4 Nardiarang/Ziasad, avoiding often camped .4 Vecamia, Jita routes avoiding frequently camped .4 Ahbazon. Source: