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Market trading in Genesis

Note: All data presented was compiled by independent experts on behalf of the Amarr Trade Registry. Please direct all enquiries and comments to Alim Fera or Sama Bur Pares.

Two freighters of the Caldari type Charon at a public market hub station, supplying the local population with goods of every kind and delivering the wealth of Genesis‘ belts to the major trade hubs.

No doubt, markets and market trading form one of the heart chambers through which the flow of goods and thus life and prosperity in all parts of New Eden are driven. And in no area of everyday life do more citizens meet than here, even if the interactions through the usual interfaces disguise this fact well. And while it is possible to avoid other activities entirely – mining, manufacturing, research, planetary interaction, or mission running and combat – it is nearly impossible to avoid involvement in market life. So markets really do play a key role in civilization and the advancement of cultural life.

At the same time, the vitality and complexity of market life make it less easy to present key data than for other areas. Nevertheless, it is possible to provide representative information for Genesis as well, based on objective facts as well as in comparison along a basic basket of goods.

Market hubs

System Name Station name Type Constellation
Apanake Apanake VIII - Moon 8 - Sisters of EVE Bureau Public  Ekrin
Gergish Gergish XI - Moon 10 - Wiyrkomi Corporation Public  Reya
Pashanai Pashanai III - Moon 2 - Amarr Navy Assembly Public  Ubar
Simela Simela IV - Moon 7 - Sisters of EVE Academy Public  Aven

In addition, there is notable trading activity in the systems of Kemerk, Manarq (Sotiyo), Pakhshi (Azbel), Serren (Fortizar), Sheroo (Azbel), Tar and Tarta – even if the supply here is patchy and of comparatively small scope.

Conversely, this means that there is still a lot of development potential here for citizens who want to take advantage of the opportunity. For everyone else, the table above shows where they can best obtain supplies, although it should be added that at the moment the broadest portfolios are provided in Apanake and Gergish.

Travel distances to major trade hubs

Fig.: Distances starting from Madomi, central system according to
Major Trade hub Jumps (High sec route, starting at Madomi) Notes Jumps (Low sec route, starting at Madomi) Notes
Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emporers Family Academy 42 14 Route via .4 Ziasad/Nardiarang rarely camped (scout and fast aligning ship configurations recommended)
Dodoxie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant 10 N/A
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 19 Security and travel warnings in effect, scout recommended for high value cargo 12 Warning: .4 Ahbazon heavily camped .4 Vecamia occasionally camped
Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury 22 19 No detour to .4/.3 systems available

While Genesis regularly ranks among the top 10 of more than five dozen regions in terms of imports and exports, according to the regular economic reports, it is still more in the middle field in terms of trade volume.

Monthly trade value in trillion ISK
03/2022 1.8 T
02/2022 1.8 T
01/2022 2.6 T
12/2021 3.6 T
11/2021 2.2 T
10/2021 2.3 T
09/2021 2.2 T
08/2021 2.3 T
07/2021 2.0 T
06/2021 2.1 T
05/2021 2.7 T
04/2021 2.7 T

Assuming an average profit of at least 20 percent in the sales volume, the figures nevertheless show that enormous revenues can be generated here. Here lies a great opportunity for those who are smart enough to cleverly close the existing supply gaps.