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For Mission Runners and Soldiers of Fortune

A high interest of capsuleers in the various job offerings by agents at public stations in Genesis is not only valuable for maintaining civilian infrastructure and defending against the terrible cult of the Blood Raider Convenant that unfortunately continues to plague the region. It is also highly important for the training of younger capsuleers in the region on their way to becoming experienced ship commanders, who will hopefully later continue to use their acquired skills on the ground for the good of life in the region.

Here, too, Genesis offers outstanding starting points that do not exist elsewhere in this way.

High presence of the Sisters of EVE

Due to its outstanding historical role, it is no coincidence that the Servant Sisters of EVE maintain more stations in Genesis than in almost any other region, and that there are correspondingly many agents waiting for Capsuleers who want to carry out missions. And just outside the gates of Genesis, in Arnon, is the seat of Sister Alitura, who guides Capsuleers through the epic arc The Blood-Stained Stars, which closes in Genesis.

Station Agent Mission type Security
Apanake - Moon 8 - Sister of EVE Bureau Mekamireki L4 Security .5
Arnon - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau Sister Allitura Security Epic Arc Agent .6
Uadez Gothan L1 Distribution
Titrutolf Haluarin L3 Distribution
Olin II - Moon 13 - Sisters of EVE Bureau Riavo Neliker L4 Distribution .3
Shapisin I - Sisters of EVE Bureau Honoliri Irhi L1 Security  .3
Sheroo X - Moon 3 - Sister of EVE Bureau Fliet Duleleur  L1 Distribution .6
Sigga VIII - Moon 15 - Sisters of EVE Bureau Eglerin Lina L1 Distribution .5
Simela IV - Moon 7 - Sister of EVE Academy Elittive Alillere L1 Security  .5
Kappas Runjalen  L2 Security
Pourpes Andonore L3 Security

Blood Raiders

In the constant fight against the omnipresence of the Blood Raider cult ships are recommended high resistance to EM and thermal damage, in the same turn, the use of weapons with high EM or thermal damage is recommended.

Preferred resistance to use Preferred damage to deal
Probability of Effectivity of
EM damage 55% EM damage  83%
Thermal damage 44% Thermal damage 78%

In addition, attention should be paid to the presence of Blood Raider Forward Operating Bases. The Ministry of War strongly discourages younger Capsuleers from approaching them and recommends paying close attention when staying near ore belts or other celestial objects, as high impact scouts can arrive unexpectedly and immediately attack.

Low security space

As CONCORD and the faction police do in the high-security space, low-security space in the region is like everywhere else under constant surveillance by independent forces. Confrontations are therefore to be expected in the event of what they consider to be unauthorized intrusions and other violations of rules in force.