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Register today for the New Eden Travel Grant!

The remains of Eve Gate at New Eden.

The Amarr Trade Registry and the Sisters of EVE are offering Capsuleers from all empires a special opportunity to become familiar with the most historically significant site in our galaxy: Eve Gate in the system of New Eden, which is also the site of the Sisters of EVE‘s well-known research outpost. Located far from the core worlds of the Amarr royal houses and the hustle and bustle of the major trade hubs, the journey offers a unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with the common origins of our cultures and leave the everyday rivalries and conflicts behind for a moment.

An Apotheosis (SKIN not included in travel grant programme)

In order to encourage more younger Capsuleers to make this trip, and thus strengthen tourism in the region, the Amarr Trade Registry in Genesis has commissioned us to make this offer to anyone interested: Register for a Travel Grant to receive free apotheosis in Madomi.

Genesis Welcome Center

The shuttle is fast and instawarp capable, allowing for a relatively safe journey. Aswell, the clone bay at the citadel allows you to change into a clean clone free of charge before you start your journey, so that your implants are not lost in the event of an accident.

And that‘s not all: To cover the expense and other possible travel costs, Capsuleers will also receive 10,000,000 ISK transferred upon their return, provided they can provide a picture record of their visit to Eve Gate as proof (Imgur et al).

It is requested that registrations be made directly to Catherine Aven-Reya or using the form below. Every Capsuleer younger than two years can register for the travel grant. Exceptions are possible upon application.

„I am delighted and grateful for this initiative by the Amarr Trade Registry and the Sisters of EVE.

The outstanding position of Genesis deserves to be noticed by all citizens of New Eden.

It is most welcome that the initiative encourages younger Capsuleers in particular to get some face-to-face exposure right on the spot to add to their knowledge and education.“

– Catherine Aven-Reya, Genesis Ambassadrice