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Broodin Schereau – Dean of Karmafleet University

Broodin Schereau is one of the few citizens in Genesis who, despite spending relatively little time here so far, has earned notable prestige among ordinary citizens and politicians alike. This is no doubt related to the office he has held for a few years for an offshoot of the Imperium Coalition, to the benefit of Genesis: As Dean of Karmafleet University, for one, the region has benefited considerably in recent years from increased activity at the educational corporation‘s headquarters around the Serren (Mih constellation). It is now home to one of the largest and most highly developed public industrial and mining complexes in this region. At the same time, its activities have strengthened an attribute that, while not unanimously appreciated throughout the Amarr Empire, is nonetheless valued in Genesis, given its prominent historical position: Diversity.

Hundreds of Capsuleers of all Acadamies have come to the region for the first time in the past two years as a result of Karmafleet University‘s choice of Genesis, have sought the services of local citizens, have become local entrepreneurs themselves, or have otherwise contributed to social life in Genesis.

Broodin Schereau himself has contributed to the overall security of the region by helping to destroy dozens of Forward Operating Bases of the vile, terrorist Bloodraider Cult. This has also helped to reduce prejudices against the Gallente native among the general population, but there are still some voices that share reservations about whether his influence can really be viewed as unreservedly positive: The systems around the headquarters of Karmafleet University have been affected by incidents of non-consensual combat related to mining operations with above-average frequency in recent years, and some members of the Corporation have also been repeatedly observed doing so. So far, however, the positive voices clearly outweigh the negative, and the coming years will show whether the sympathies that have grown so far will turn into continued respect and reputation.