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Catherine Aven-Reya • Genesis Ambassadrice

Catherine Aven-Reya is a young scion of a long-established house in the Genesis region from a widespread family whose members are involved in virtually every aspect of economic and public life. A graduate of the Royal Amarr Institute herself, like much of the Empire‘s senior and higher ranks in political positions, it is not only these family connections in many socially significant fields that have predestined her for her latest role as ambassador. She also possesses an outstanding knowledge of history for citizens of her age, as well as an above-average level of empathy – a quality that, while certainly viewed ambivalently by the citizens of the Empire, has earned her the special recommendation of the Sisters of EVE for her current assignment.

Some observers were nevertheless surprised by her appointment to the post of ambassador, as it had been expected that the royal council‘s commission responsible for the decision would elect an older person who could look back on a longer political or other career. The deciding factor, however, was the argument that the personal involvement in historical developments that this entailed could also be a complication for the exercise of the office with the current mission. The momentous and challenging mission of attracting citizens from not only other parts under the rule of the royal houses of Amarr, but from all empires to choose Genesis as their home, should not be exposed to the risk of being burdened by possible controversies over past political, economic, or military services.

Finally, it must not be concealed that Catherine Aven-Reya, despite her young age, enjoys high popularity among the local population due to her previous humanitarian services, and rumor has it, also due to her beauty and grace.

Because of this, Aven-Reya has long been courted by male representatives of other influential families, but has now chosen a position that allows only few ties other than that. In addition to her position, she nonetheless continues to perform services as a mentor at Hedion University and her own academy, holds volunteer seats on boards of trustees and advisory councils of economic and civic association, and cultivates her artistic talent as a pianist. Her favorite foods include pan cakes, she loves fireworks and when she‘s not delighting a piano with her hands in those few moments of free time, she‘s reading or watching Twitch.