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Kesla Kai – Mysterious CEO of an Alt corporation

If capsuleers in Genesis suddenly find themselves, according to their ship‘s directional scanner or their ship itself, alongside a fleet of huge freighters, and not just two or three, but more like seven or eight under the flag of the corporation Weta Workshops, Kesla Kai is probably connected to the event. Entrepreneurially active as founder and CEO of an Alt corporation, the Caldari-born Kai has spent much of the last few years in the space of the Amarr Empire, but few know what her goals are.

What is known is that she has some connections to the equally famous and notorious and no less feared alliances No Forks Given and White Sky., for she had also founded Tasman Heavy Industries years ago, whose CEO is now Lord Raael, and who now heads another, somewhat less mysterious Alt corporation. Tasman Heavy Industries was once under the umbrella of the White Sky alliance, but a few months ago it switched to No Forks Given. Shortly after, the corperation lost an Azbel engineering complex and a Tatara refinery in Khabara (Kor-Azor), after which the corporation was forced to leave the Alliance.

The last ship whose loss Kesla Kai‘s Corporation had to regret was a Caldari deep space transporter, a Bustard. It was intercepted like so many in Ahbazon, the cargo hold and fleet hangar filled to the brim with moon materials from low-security space. The capsule containing the clone of the commanding alt Haulingallthetime, including a complete set of high-grade Ascendancy implants, also fell victim to the incident.

Kesla Kai was able to cope with the loss, and freighter fleets led by MrFenrir and his comrades under the aegis of Kesla Kai continue to make regular trips to supply the primary trade hubs further north with valuable products from the Genesis region, which is as rich in resources as it is in diversity, history and tradition.