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killerlman – White Sky. alliance leader

Capsuleer killerlman is one of the richest citizens in Genesis in terms of years of life, but not only, and is another kind of well-known eminences among its illustrious population. Blessed with the experience and wisdom of age, there is little he has not seen, experienced or done himself here. A senior member of the Trillion Damages Club for years, he knows too well what it is like to see ships of all kinds, up to and including dreadnoughts and supercarriers, live and die.

In the absence of other reliable authorities in low security space of Genesis, he has therefore taken on the important task of overseeing compliance with the laws and rules that apply there – as CEO at the head of the equally admired and feared White Sky Alliance. Its members continuously ensure that pilots who are suffering from hybris or ignorance do not flood and exploit the resource-rich systems, even though they do not yet possess the necessary maturity for operations in these dangerous areas of space. It is a sometimes arduous but significant task, sometimes painfully so, to emphasise the civilising principle that not only is good training essential for every Capsuleer, but so is constant vigilance and sound planning of one‘s activities.

All Capsuleers with fewer years of experience and fewer skills than are combined in the person of killerlman are therefore advised to get smart early if they want to move in the low security space of the region in search of advantages and profit. Age, after all, brings not only wisdom and experience, but also a particularly deep level of conviction that mistakes must have consequences. Without it, there is no strong incentive to learn and to constantly improve. And even if it should come to an incident: Calmness and a polite tone remain the order of the day, because you could have done, or at least have known, better.