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Sister Alitura

Sister Alitura is perhaps one of the most recognisable people in New Eden to many young Capsuleers, and in her role as Mission Agent for the epic arc The Blood Stained-Stars, she ensures the first visit of thousands of pilots to our region every year. She has guided generations of young Capsuleers in defining their path in New Eden. Today‘s Ambassadrice of Genesis, Catherine Aven-Reya, was also one of her mentees many years ago and the two share a deep friendship to this day. Last but not least, Sister Alitura was one of the authoritative voices that supported Aven-Reya‘s recommendation from among the Sister of EVE to the Royal Council‘s Commission.

Although she does not favour this side effect of her particular role, she has become arguably one of the most talked about, figuratively or cinematically documented characters in all of New Eden. However, as one of the longest serving agents in all of New Eden, she has not only accompanied generations of Capsuleers, but has herself also been part of documentaries covering the missions of the Sisters of EVE many times.

In addition to her official duties, which now take up almost all of her time, she associates Genesis with memories of a more carefree time before she began her active service, with wonderful adventures on the ice planet Madomi V and long excursions on and deep in the seas of Simela II and the paradisical worlds of Hirizan. In the rare moments when her duties allow it, she always enjoys returning there.