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Xzen Valhullunde – Industrialist and market tycoon

Xzen Valhullunde appears as a role model for the very influential middle class in Genesis. Industrial magnate, market tycoon and CEO of an active independent corporation – there are indeed a considerable number of these in Genesis. But they are by far not as easy to detect as the representatives of the corporations under the umbrella of large alliances or official representatives of the empires. Inconspicuous behaviour, strong restraint in public appearances and a permanent measure of great care not to leave more traces than absolutely necessary characterise the professional appearance of entrepreneurs like him. Not only here in the region, but all over the galaxy.

The Gallente native, who by his age can be counted among the younger eminences, and the obviously diversely talented members of various ages in the medium-sized corporation founded by him not only maintain one of the best-supplied market hubs in Genesis, according to the available data. His corporation seems also responsible for one of the few largest industrial complexes in the region that is not under the auspices of a powerful alliance that is also often conflictual or controversial in the public perception. And just as an example for many other citizens in the region who contribute to the prosperity and attractiveness of Genesis in a similarly routine and unagitated manner, the corporation under his aegis contributes to keeping the region attractive for citizens in both the high security and low security space: By reliably supplying the local market with an extremely wide range of goods at prices that are usually very competitive with those of the major trade hubs, as well as by buying back a broad portfolio of used goods, salvage and ores such as minerals. The fact that the use of a good part of the industrial complexes maintained is also available to the public more than rounds off the merits in the eyes of Genesis‘ cititzens.

Far more adept than in just industrial duties, he has also shown on occasion that he is willing to help increase general security in fighting against the scourge of the Blood Raider cult. And as attentive citizens on occasion may have noted, he can warp a full freighter to the next jump gate as quickly as only a very small elite in whole New Eden.